Maui Pete Evelyn Carrington Jane Smith

Twice damned. Given the embrace as children, Jane and Evelyn are eternally severed from life and adulthood. More pressingly, the children and their would-be guardian, Maui Pete, face their Final Death if they do not meet their Prince’s demands. New to the Masquerade and the raw cruelty of the World of Darkness, can these Neonates survive long enough to earn a place in Kindred society or will they perish like so many before them? And what of the odd dreams people across the city have been experiencing? Is the entire city going mad?

A mostly V20 chronicle set in the Hyde Park-Kenwood area of Chicago. The setting stands as at the end of VtM Revised (Assamite schism, Gangrel leaving the Camarilla, Week of Nightmares, etc.) with the obvious exception of the final Time of Judgement books.


Hyde Park by Night

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