The Frustrated Prince of Gary, Indiana


Modius wavers between being imperious and standoffish to new Kindred and being unctuous because there is no one else for him to talk to. In truth, Modius is lonely. Left to his own devices he will probably either meet Final Death or sink into torpor within a year or two, unless something changes drastically in his city — and on some level, he knows this.

Modius is an elder vampire who has reached the point in his unlife that vampires fear: Time has simply passed him by. It was once possible to be a true Prince in this part of the country, with Dominated servants and expensive halls, with blood-bound mayors and councilman and the like, but the world has changed. Scrutiny is higher because information is cheap. Other Princes have adapted (or hired advisors to help them do so), but Modius has lost his power base, his childer, his allies, and even his servants. All he has left is Juggler, and he hates Juggler. But hate is the only passion remaining to him.

Modius tries to present himself as the Prince of Gary and have that mean something. He still has money and he still has his mansion, so he dresses like a rich man as he hunts the streets. Unfortunately, that only makes him stand out more, because no one in Gary is rich anymore.


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