Maria DiMatto

Owner & Lead Director of After Sunset Films and 'Social' Necromancer


Maria was Embraced in her early 20s, but she often employs makeup to make herself look more mature and professional. She is pale, with dark eyes and hair, drawn features, and a somewhat stocky build. Maria almost always wears black and white, but for movie premieres she wears red, just for contrast. She never carries weapons, but frequently has a bodyguard close by.

Through a combination of ambition, connections, and natural talent, Maria worked her way up the ladder in Hollywood. When she was selected for the Embrace, she was initially concerned that her new restrictions might bar her from doing what she loved, but she had made enough money and enough contacts that her family didn’t care. They wanted her to come back home and run things from afar — and that’s just not the way Maria DiMatto wanted to do things.

Riding the wave of torture-porn films, she founded a new studio: After Sunset Films. Their mission was simply to produce frightening and profitable horror films without pretension and without Hollywood. She had four movies lined up to start production within a month.

Maria loves what she does, but her aptitude for filmmaking does not mean that she doesn’t share her Clan’s preoccupation with death. One of her favorite phrases is that one death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic. She is trying to find a way to equate the two, to make it possible for the “many death” of a town’s viability and livelihood dying to be more similar to the “one death” that can lead to a controllable ghost. Maria’s family doesn’t understand what she is trying to do, but her uncle has learned that telling Maria “no” just means she’ll do it anyway, and he doesn’t want anyone getting staked this time.

Maria DiMatto

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