Would-be Anarchist


Juggler used to be passionate. Now he is merely interested. The city crumbles around him, and he could probably destroy Modius and seize control, but he has become so accustomed to the Prince of Gary and their squabbles that the notion of unlife without Modius terrifies him. He wants to beat Modius, to throw down the Camarilla (such as it is, here), but have Modius to be around to witness it.

Juggler wants freedom, but his oppressors quit before he could throw them off. He wants people to rally around his cause, but his cause in meaningless. In order to do anything meaningful for the Kindred of the city, he has to improve life for the mortals (or at least get more mortals into the city somehow). Time is passing Juggler by, and only his odd quasi-friendship with Modius gives him any real context for his own existence.


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